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Manawa program helps students learn skills, prepare for careers

life after school


Waupaca County News: One committee got a first-hand look and later an in-depth explanation about a new program the Manawa School District hopes to launch.

At its Wednesday, July 26 meeting, the Buildings and Grounds Committee spent part of its time at 407 S. Bridge St.

“If I could have dreamt up the type of space that would work, this would be it,” said Danni Brauer, director of special education and curriculum for Manawa schools.

The district would like to start a Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES). The downtown location would serve as the PAES lab, or hub for the program.

Brauer’s department has the goal to ensure that 100 percent of students leave with either a full-time, competitive paying job or a post-secondary education path.

The PAES lab would be for those students with individualized learning plans, meaning those with a variety of disabilities that affect learning.

“The kids I’m talking about are some of the hardest to employ,” Brauer said.

The downtown location would provide an atmosphere free of distractions like bells, so students who participate can focus on life after school.

“We have a very needy population of kids who need this training and we have some that just aren’t motivated,” Brauer said.

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