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Kenosha theater teacher recognized

Longtime Kenosha teacher Holly Stanfield has received the 2021 Stephen Schwartz Musical Theatre Teacher of the Year Award.

A veteran theater teacher at Bradford High School, part of the Kenosha Unified School District, has been recognized with a national theater award, according to the Kenosha News.

The 2021 Stephen Schwartz Musical Theatre Teacher of the Year Award, which “honors exceptional high- and middle-school musical theater teachers,” includes a $5,000 cash prize.

“It’s an award for the whole department,” she told the newspaper. “That’s the beauty of musical theater: We have to do this together or it doesn’t happen.”

Read the full story to learn more about Stanfield, the theater department and how they’re adapting to COVID.

Prentice students design, build house from scratch

Prentice School Districts students erect a three-bedroom home as part of a classroom project. Districts students have built 13 homes in the community.

High schoolers in Prentice have again designed and built a home from scratch, the district’s 13th, WAOW-TV reports.

Tech Ed teacher Don Anderson told the station these projects teach students skills they can carry with them their whole lives, even if they don’t join a trade.

“Being here and being here on time, getting along with other students,” he said. “Then the other part also are the physical skills of hanging drywall, swinging a hammer, and putting in wood screws.”

At least one of the students, Kayden Mundt, is learning a trade.

“I work construction now, I’ve been doing a lot of drywall work,” he said. “It just so happened that I was put on a job where I learned to do my job from here.”

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Neenah students sculpt mural: ‘Open hearts, open minds’

This side of the mural includes the “Sources of Strength “logo, while the other side features a Fibonacci spiral. This series of numbers — in which each one is the sum of the two preceding ones — is seen throughout nature and mathematics.

More than 1,000 art students at Neenah High School built and painted a three-dimensional mural, according to Green-Bay based NBC26.

Art students planned the project and were assisted by artist-in-residence Connie Greany of Legacy Murals, according to the TV station. One side features the logo of “Sources of Strength,” a youth mental health program.

Principal Brian Wunderlich said, “I think it will be a good reminder to our kids of all of the work that they did to overcome and the things that they either relied on friends or relied on teachers or relied on their parents, and that there is hope that they can kind of overcome anything if they use the resources around them to do so.”

Read the full story at the TV station’s website.

Oconto 2nd Graders Recognized for Collaborating on Book, “Sprinkling Kindness”

This class of Oconto 2nd graders wrote a book called “Sprinkling Kindness.”

A second-grade class at Oconto Elementary School wrote and illustrated a book about spreading kindness that has been recognized by a publishing company, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports.

Caroline Laurin-Young’s class researched, wrote and illustrated their book, “Sprinkling Kindness,” which was one of 50 finalists in the 2020-21 National Book Challenge hosted by Studentreasures Publishing.

“This book project was just one of the many activities our class did when celebrating Kindness Week in the Fall,” Laurin-Young told the newspaper. “That week had such an impact on the class, that we continued doing Acts of Kindness throughout the year.”  

Read the full story at the Press-Gazette.

Racine students working to protect Lake Michigan shoreline

The Lake Michigan shoreline.

Racine students are working with community partners to protect the Lake Michigan shoreline, FOX6 reports.

Janell Decker, RUSD executive director of curriculum and instruction, told the TV station the goal is for students to not just to learn what they can do to protect the shoreline, but also the promising futures that can rise from one of our greatest resources.

“The careers and the planning and how many pieces of our community infrastructure is attached to our lake,” Decker said.

Read the full story and watch the video at FOX6.