Phillips gardening project seeks to unite people and plants

phillips_gardenPrice County Review: It may be the middle of winter, but for three Phillips residents, ideas are sprouting like spring’s first seedlings.

While it is currently buried under snow and ice, a brand new community garden rests on the eastern front lawn of the Phillips High School. Community members Eric Knudson, Marc Peterson, and Julie Olson are the organizing energy behind the garden, which will be planted for the first time this spring after snow melts. While yet unplanted, the garden has already been the focus of many volunteer hours and community involvement… and the trio hopes it will grow from here.

“We want to make something that is useful and something the community can be proud of,” said Knudson.

The garden has ten 4×12 raised beds, and the location offers the opportunity for expansion as community interest in the garden grows. The garden’s organizers are currently investigating the possibility of writing grants down the road to help with expanding the garden’s use to the community.

“We think this will be substantial enough to be able to provide produce to community, the school lunch program, and even the local food pantries eventually,” said Olson. “Our overarching goal is to provide fresh produce for community members who don’t have it for whatever reason – be it a lack of space, finances, knowledge… Whatever it may be, they can have the opportunity to come and help with the garden.”

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