Chilton students incorporate singing and learning


Fox11News: Chilton Schools are using this week as an opportunity to connect singing with learning.

Professionals showed students and staff how it’s done.

Small rhythms… coming together to form something much bigger.

That’s what students in the Chilton School District got to experience Thursday.

Caleb Kopecky, a junior at Chilton High School, said, “I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I feel like it offers a lot of different aspects to what we can do with singing.”

The district-wide workshop was directed by Paul Smith. He’s a vocal educator from the British music group “VOCES8”

Paul Smith, head of participation for VOCES8, said, “Being in Wisconsin is just fantastic. It’s really nice to be back in an area where singing is so supported, there’s a great teaching staff and great excitement about making music.”

While the workshop has a big focus on music and fun, the school district also hopes this experience will impact the students’ learning.

Melissa Ebert, ArtsCore coach for the Chilton Public School District, said, “We believe it allows our students to grasp onto subjects easier, whether it be math or social studies.”

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