DC Everest Inspires project helps students to see the power of positive influences

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Wausau Daily Herald: D.C. Everest Senior High social studies instructor Brad Seeley doesn’t simply teach history; he encourages students to consider their place in the world and how they can make the world a better place, Assistant Principal Todd Bohm said.

“Brad doesn’t treat history as a linear timeline of events. His students study the context of history, the humanity and the ‘what ifs.’ Students examine a subject from every angle and step into the shoes of people with varying beliefs to better understand different perspectives,” Bohm said.

“He inspires students to make a positive impact despite what differences they may have.”

Three years ago, Seeley launched DCETalks — an evening in which students showcase their yearlong Genius Projects. The event, inspired by TED Talks, focuses on each student’s unique personal perspective and challenges them to see history through a different lens.

During the 2016-17 school year, Seeley initiated the DCE ONE project, designed to raise awareness about the power of diversity when people unite around a common cause and their community.

This year, Seeley’s Advanced Placement United States History and Comparative Politics students took part in his latest project — DCE Inspires.

“Every one of us has a person in our life who has had a positive impact on us — who has helped make us who we are by encouraging and challenging us,” Seeley said. “I started DCE Inspires to recognize the power of inspiration and emphasize the important role we can play in one another’s lives.”

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