Let’s all agree to be as kind as these kindergartners are each day

At a small school in Birchwood, a kindergarten teacher has marveled at the results after adding the role of “classroom greeter” to the kids’ job at school.

Nicole Schlapper told “Good Morning America” that she hopes the daily “small, simple gesture of friendship and kindness” her students show one another each morning “will stay with them as they grow up together throughout their years, in school and into adulthood.”

“The children absolutely love this job and show great excitement when their turn comes up,” Schlapper said.

One particular day is getting a lot of attention. The video of a 5-year-old Colin Baker doing the classroom “greeter” job has received more than 1 million views on the school district’s Facebook Page.

The children are able to choose how they want to be greeted. On Colin’s day, the majority of the 15 kindergarten students chose hugs. Schlapper said the morning routine has “been a wonderful way for the children to connect with each other, build relationships and show kindness. I truly believe it promotes a sense of community and sets a positive tone for the day.”

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