Small student body no obstacle for Mercer basketball

WJFW TV-12: To the untrained eye, the Mercer boys basketball team may not have appeared to make major progress last year.
After all, the Tigers went 6–17.
But during the previous five years, Mercer posted a combined record of 5–93.

The significance of those numbers comes into slightly clearer focus when you consider that Mercer has just 32 students in its entire student body. That total makes it one of the smallest schools in the state, and ensures that the Tigers regularly play against teams from schools several times Mercer’s size.

The participation numbers this year might feel paltry at some other schools, but they’re nearly record-setting for the Tigers.
“This is the first season—I looked back—in many, many years that we’ve had 10 people,” said Mercer head coach Adam Miller.
In total, only 16 boys attend Mercer High School.

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