Student proposals aimed at increased sustainability at Monona Grove schools

The Herald-Independent: Students at Monona Grove High School are gaining real world experience, as they work to complete sustainability projects as part of Tyler Kuehl’s environmental science class.

“The whole premise that I give to them is that they have to come up with a goal that in some way helps the environment and involves members of the school or the community,” said Kuehl.

This is Kuehl’s third time doing this project, but this is the first time he has done it “Shark Tank” style, selecting the top projects from the class to be completed. Monona Mayor Bob Miller and District Superintendent Dan Olsen acted as “sharks,” listening to students present their project proposals and helping Kuehl decide which projects should be completed.

“It’s great for collaboration skills,” said Kuehl, explaining that students are responsible for contacting the people necessary to make their projects happen, as well as working together to create a presentation.

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