Franklin High School’s InRoads program aims to prepare students for careers

Franklin Now: Franklin High School’s InRoads program was first announced in 2013 — the college and career readiness curriculum somewhat coincided with the high school’s $33 million reconstruction project.

Initially estimated to include 30 students in the program’s first cohort, more than 160 students are enrolled in InRoads.

“I feel like there’s a couple things happening in education right now — really big picture, you see this push back against standardization, not that [standardization] doesn’t have its place, but was it too much?” asked Brooke DeLassus, the InRoads coordinator at Franklin.

“There’s a lot of talk [of] engaging kids and better preparing them for the world we’re actually living in.”

The InRoads program consists of three strands — biomedical, engineering and global business.

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