Sheboygan Falls students thrive at coffee bar

Sheboygan Press: The staff of Sheboygan Falls High School’s Falcon Java Roost, composed entirely of students from the school’s special education program, functions like a well-oiled machine.

At this school-based coffee bar, an abundance of pats on the back, high fives and praises are exchanged between the workers, as well as the occasional fit of giggles.

Trevor Teumer, one of the student workers, clasps his hands and leans over the counter, nodding in approval of his peers fulfilling drink orders at either side of him.

“Working here is a formula,” Teumer said. “It is definitely a formula.”

But, it is a science that the staff appears to have mastered. The team works together on almost every drink order, handing cups down the line with each student contributing in a different way to top off the brew.

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