Holmen event celebrates locally grown food

Onalaska Holmen Courier-Life: For the second year in a row, students in the Holmen School District dined on a lunch of student-grown food. The main ingredient and vegetables for the recent Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner, Part Deuce, were grown by the district’s FFA members.

“Last year was the trial run,” said Holmen FFA member Greg O’Laughlin. “This year, we were much more organized and people were more aware of it (the special lunch) and more appreciative of what they’re eating.”

More than 3,000 servings of the home-grown chicken were prepared and served by school nutrition staff members on Jan. 29 for all the students in the district’s six school buildings.

The menu also featured student raised corn-on-the-cob. When the corn was picked last fall, and the food service staff blanched and froze the corn until it was brought out and cooked for the special meal.

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