Mishicot teachers going above and beyond

htrnews.com: School District of Mishicot teachers are going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure less fortunate students and their families have everything they need.

It started simply enough, with a pair of teachers getting together a few years ago to create a Snack Pack Club. The club’s goal was to gather healthy snacks to send home with economically disadvantaged elementary students over the weekend.

That goal remains, but the club has become much more.

“(4K teacher) Jenny Kraynik and myself started it like five or six years ago just in the elementary school,” said second grade teacher Zach Sand. “Now, it’s expanded to the middle school and the high school.”

The healthy snacks remain a focal point for the club, but are no longer its sole purpose.

“We did Christmas trees also this year,” Sand said. “We had 23 families that got a tree and a stand and lights and ornaments and presents and cookies. That was a really cool experience.”

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