White House takes a look at Eleva-Strum’s student-run business

WEAU.com: A local school is getting national attention as the White House takes a closer look at Eleva-Strum’s student-run manufacturing business.

This week, school leaders went to Washington DC to discuss its Cardinal Manufacturing model and how it can be used as an example for the nation.

On Tuesday, creator of the manufacturing model Craig Cegielski and principal Cory Kulig met with President Obama, Paul Ryan’s staff, and the manufacturing committee to discuss policies that would allow other schools to replicate the real life business model.

Cegielski, who is also a tech education teacher, said this model not only teaches technical skills, “but it teaches the soft skills the employability skills and self-funds itself so it’s the perfect situation.”

The business was started 9 years ago at Eleva-Strum; although Cegielski said he truly began it when he taught at Antigo back in 2000.

Production manager Colin Nyseth has been involved with the business at Eleva-Strum since 7th grade and says the business helps every student, no matter their interests.

“It doesn’t matter what career you’re going into you’re going to need to know how to problem solve, and figure things out, and run a business,” said Nyseth. “It teaches you a lot of skills that you can use later on in life.”

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