Manitowoc students run bank branch for youth apprenticeship Manitowoc School District and UnitedOne Credit Union are partnering to help educate students on money management. Lincoln High School students running a branch in the high school for students to learn about deposits, loans, and credit. It’s part of the district Youth Apprenticeship program that pairs students with real-life work experiences to explore careers. The Lincoln UnitedOne branch has been in operation since 2009, “There’s a lot of really important financial decision that high schoolers have to make. Do they know what a credit card is and how to respect? What do students loan actually look like,” said Brad Bartels with UnitedOne.

Through the program students are able to help their peers with most transactions. The students learning from each other about good and bad practices, “When someone comes in with an issues with their money, it’s nice to be able to help them,” said Lance Kettner, a Junior apprentice.

Since the program began 43 students have worked with UnitedOne, 13 still work for the Credit Union.

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