Neenah students sculpt mural: ‘Open hearts, open minds’

This side of the mural includes the “Sources of Strength “logo, while the other side features a Fibonacci spiral. This series of numbers — in which each one is the sum of the two preceding ones — is seen throughout nature and mathematics.

More than 1,000 art students at Neenah High School built and painted a three-dimensional mural, according to Green-Bay based NBC26.

Art students planned the project and were assisted by artist-in-residence Connie Greany of Legacy Murals, according to the TV station. One side features the logo of “Sources of Strength,” a youth mental health program.

Principal Brian Wunderlich said, “I think it will be a good reminder to our kids of all of the work that they did to overcome and the things that they either relied on friends or relied on teachers or relied on their parents, and that there is hope that they can kind of overcome anything if they use the resources around them to do so.”

Read the full story at the TV station’s website.

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