Prentice students design, build house from scratch

Prentice School Districts students erect a three-bedroom home as part of a classroom project. Districts students have built 13 homes in the community.

High schoolers in Prentice have again designed and built a home from scratch, the district’s 13th, WAOW-TV reports.

Tech Ed teacher Don Anderson told the station these projects teach students skills they can carry with them their whole lives, even if they don’t join a trade.

“Being here and being here on time, getting along with other students,” he said. “Then the other part also are the physical skills of hanging drywall, swinging a hammer, and putting in wood screws.”

At least one of the students, Kayden Mundt, is learning a trade.

“I work construction now, I’ve been doing a lot of drywall work,” he said. “It just so happened that I was put on a job where I learned to do my job from here.”

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