Verona elementary school students learn how to code in Español

Capitol Times: Lisette Venegas’ second-grade class sat on a multicolored patchwork carpet and gathered around a smartboard. Moana, the title character from the latest Disney film, was on the screen with a mission for Venegas’ students: “Ayúdame a crear una línea.”

As Venegas asked her class who wanted to help Moana make her line, the excitement was palpable. The students listened intently to the teacher’s question, fighting the urge to raise their hands until she was done speaking.

Venegas teaches the two-way immersion (TWI) class at Verona’s Sugar Creek Elementary School. Students enrolled in TWI learn half of the day’s lessons in English and the other half in Spanish.

On Friday, they participated in the Hour of Code, a worldwide program designed to introduce people of all ages to computer science and coding. Each year, Hour of Code content reaches tens of millions of people in over 180 countries in 50 languages.

This is Venegas’ third year leading her students through Hour of Code activities at Sugar Creek. Venegas thinks it is important to expose her students to coding, especially in Spanish.

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