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Three Lakes Schools ‘Fab Lab’ Honored By DPI

The first K-12 digital Fab Lab in Wisconsin was honored Wednesday by the Department of Public Instruction.

The Three Lakes Schools project was one of seven awarded by State Superintendent Tony Evers as part of the ‘Standing Up For Rural Wisconsin’ program. The project provides 3D modeling and 3D printing technology and is said to be a way to bring a new type of manufacturing to a rural area. Evers says the K-12 aspect of FAB LAB is rare and received deep community support…

“….it had great community support, great business support. They talked to various community members and saying, what exactly do you want from the school district as it relates to getting our kids prepared for 21st century skills?…”

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School District of Florence County excited about new Fab Lab

Economic workers hope more young people stay in the Northwoods.

They think preparing high school students for local careers is one way to do that.

The School District of Florence County hopes its new Fab Lab will help.

The district opened its Fab Lab this year.

The lab helps students, teachers, and community members make almost anything.

Students can use 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, and an engraver to help them create their projects.

“Students are each going to have their own individual learning plan,” says Business and Information Technology teacher Kay Mclain. “Depending on what their goal is for their future, they’re going to take some software and maybe learn that software better and specialize in that software.”

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