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Growing Education in the Stockbridge School District

Stockbridge is growing education in a unique way. Since the start of this school year,  principal Chad Marx,  teachers and students have been  welcoming “Sprouter”, an Indoor Growing Machine designed by Alex Tyink, Head of Lettuce, for  the Goodwill Grows program. This program is designed to increase the availability and affordability of fresh food and promote Goodwill’s Indoor Farming System.

Sprouter, consists of eight stainless steel and PVC box panels linked together around grow lights to form an enclosed octagon. A box panel is 12 inches wide, 60 inches high and 2.5 inches deep and contains 33 growing slots.

Nutrient enriched water is pumped from a tank at Sprouter’s feet to the top of each box panel. The water then trickles down the inside of the panel and feeds the plant roots coming out the downside of the growing slots. Sprouter’s 264 nutrient enriched growing slots can produce a leafy lettuce crop each month; or approximately 900 lbs. of leafy produce a year – all within a twelve foot square area.