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Watertown students teach STEM lessons to students

photo of Watertown students teaching STEM lesson

Watertown Daily Times: STEM continues to be at the forefront of learning in the Watertown Unified School District, but this time it was students doing the teaching.

Riverside Academy eighth-grader Lillie Schildbach hosted a STEM night for students at Schurz Elementary School on Thursday after school.

She had the idea after volunteering at a lock-in that took place at Douglas Elementary School.

“I thought it would be fun to do something similar but educational,” she said.

Schildbach came up with the concept and the plan for the afternoon to teach students some STEM concepts, mostly focusing on chemistry.

“There are a lot of cool experiments that go along with chemistry,” she said.

Schildbach put a lot of work into the event and she said she received an A for the assignment.

“I had to learn everything I was going to teach them and figure out how they would respond to it.”

Seventeen students signed up for the event.

Her goal was simple, “To have a lot of fun and teach as much as I can.”

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Watertown Unified School District opens on-site clinic

Watertown Daily Times: The Watertown Unified School District held an open house for its on-site clinic on Wednesday at the Educational Service Center.

The 1,200-square-foot medical clinic offers acute care services, preventative care and disease management for school district employees, families and retirees over the age of two on the district’s health insurance plan. The clinic is staffed by Julie Thomas, physicians assistant and Cheryl Rohde, medical assistant. Both worked in emergency rooms before taking jobs with Healthstat at the clinic. Healthstat operates the clinic for the district.

Rohde who does the administrative and clerical tasks at the clinic as well as measuring vitals and administering medications and injections said appointment generally take about 15 minutes and people are in and out quick.

An on-site clinic option offers the potential for the district to generate cost savings through improved wellness and reduced health care costs. The clinic should save the district about $1.3 million over the next three years.

Doug Linse, Director of Business Services said the clinic has been a useful tool for staff.

“The accessibility and efficiency of it and the way people can leave work,” he said.

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