Learning in the great outdoors

The Tomah Journal: Maple syrup is a specialty product in Wisconsin, and it’s one that can be made by students in the Tomah Area School District.

Tomah High School students got the opportunity to show fourth-grade students from LaGrange Elementary School Monday how to collect and make maple syrup at the Wolf Den located in the TASD school forest.

Krissy Gerke, fourth-grade teacher at LaGrange, has always wanted to find a way to utilize the Wolf Den and that learning about maple syrup with THS agriculture teacher Nelda Bailey’s forestry and wildlife natural resource class was a great way to use the facility and teach students about a Wisconsin product.

“I know a lot of what they do in the high school in their forestry classes would kind of piggy-back with our Wisconsin topics that we discuss in fourth grade,” Gerke said. “So she said that in the spring they would be making maple syrup, so I kind of invited the fourth-graders to come out and partake in the events.”

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