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New club connects Eau Claire students with their Hmong heritage and language

EC Hmong

Wisconsin State Journal: True Vue grew up speaking two languages: Hmong at home and English at school. After arriving in Wisconsin from Thailand at 1 year old, however, she had no one to teach her how to read and write in her native language.

That she had to do for herself. The child who was born in a refugee camp taught herself the Hmong written language by concentrating intently on hymns as they were sang at weekly services.

Hmong students at Locust Lane Elementary School won’t have to resort to those self-teaching methods today.

Early last month, Vue, her sister Tia Lor and English language teacher Karla Lien started a language club at the elementary school geared toward fourth- and fifth-grade students who speak at least some Hmong at home but do not know how to read or write the language. The club’s creation preceded the Eau Claire school district’s announcement last week that it will include a “Hmong History and Culture” course at the high school level next fall.

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Therapy dog program benefiting students in Eau Claire

Therapy dogs

WQOW.com: Class is back in session after Thursday’s storm for more than just students.

Students at DeLong Middle School in Eau Claire had a special visitor Friday. Nelson the therapy dog stops by every other Friday to hang out with students. Along with his owner and handler Kelly Christianson, the two visit students in a Special Education Class and an eighth grade English Class.

Organizers said for the most part it’s just that, an opportunity for students to hang out and spend time with a dog. What the kids get out of it, though, extends much further.

“They’re unconditional, Nelson starts whining when I start pulling up in the parking lot here so he knows he’s coming in to see the kids. I’ve seen students in other classrooms where they might be sad or mad, turn it right around just by Nelson walking in the room. There’s been some pretty cool things that we’ve seen happen,” Christianson said.

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Eau Claire student athletes gear up for concussion testing before fall sports

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WQOW.com: With Friday night lights right around the corner, young athletes are checking their cognitive abilities just in case they take a hard hit and end up with brain injuries.

Along with the grass stained shorts and green Gatorade bottles comes the importance of addressing health risks, especially concussions.

“It affects day to day life. They can have memory loss. They can have difficulty computing things. They get sensitivity to light and noise, and it affects their ability to learn,” said Lynn Reuss, the head athletic trainer at Eau Claire Memorial High School.

While not required by the WIAA, Mike Sinz, the head coach of Eau Claire Memorial Football, said he requires his athletes to take a baseline cognitive test before he blows the whistle at the first practice.

“Before we even get into anything physical, they have to watch a video; the athletes and their parents do. They have to take an imPACT test with our training staff,” Sinz said.

The imPACT test stands for “immediate post concussion assessment and cognitive testing” and is used to compare an athlete’s reaction and memory skills, pre and post concussion.

“It gives athletic trainers a better idea of where they are at for their heeling process with their concussion,” Reuss said.

Staff said concussions are no joke. Athletes and their parents should take the right steps if they do get concussed.

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Eau Claire school provides warm clothes for students

WKOW.com: While the weather might have many people opting to stay indoors, the cold weather doesn’t stop school bells from ringing.  The Eau Claire School District is making sure kids are properly bundled up during harsh days.

Staff at Lakeshore Elementary said Wednesday that the school has never had to send home a student for not having enough warm gear.  That’s because they always have warm clothes available for kids who need it, whether it’s for kids to take home and keep or just to have extras on hand at school.  Staff said it’s all possible through donations made by the community and local organizations, giving anything from coats to hats and mittens.

The last two days Eau Claire schools have kept doors closed during recess because of the cold, but school staff said students still need warm clothes to make it to and from school.

“When they have food in their bellies they’re able to learn, and when they have a nice warm coat, mittens to come to school in…” said Lakeshore Elementary Partnership Coordinator.  “Not everyone rides the bus a lot of kid walk, so if they’re warm and they’re toasty when they get to school, then they’re ready and they aren’t worried about walking home without any snow pants or boots, that sort of thing.”

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