Eau Claire school provides warm clothes for students

WKOW.com: While the weather might have many people opting to stay indoors, the cold weather doesn’t stop school bells from ringing.  The Eau Claire School District is making sure kids are properly bundled up during harsh days.

Staff at Lakeshore Elementary said Wednesday that the school has never had to send home a student for not having enough warm gear.  That’s because they always have warm clothes available for kids who need it, whether it’s for kids to take home and keep or just to have extras on hand at school.  Staff said it’s all possible through donations made by the community and local organizations, giving anything from coats to hats and mittens.

The last two days Eau Claire schools have kept doors closed during recess because of the cold, but school staff said students still need warm clothes to make it to and from school.

“When they have food in their bellies they’re able to learn, and when they have a nice warm coat, mittens to come to school in…” said Lakeshore Elementary Partnership Coordinator.  “Not everyone rides the bus a lot of kid walk, so if they’re warm and they’re toasty when they get to school, then they’re ready and they aren’t worried about walking home without any snow pants or boots, that sort of thing.”

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